About me

Monika Borkowska, born 86. Has been infected with travel bug for over 18 years, with no chance of curing. Enthusiast of Southeast Asia and paradoxically … Iceland. On more than 40 countries visited, Iceland completely took over my heart. In spare time deals with other passions, such as carnivorous plants and amateur photography.

On a daily basis I am a full-time employee of a corporation who, in the few spare moments, is looking for all possibilities that allow to break away from the routine. The best way to break the gray of everyday life are my passions such as photography or insectivorous plants, which I have been cultivating for a good few years. However, the most important hobby for me are travels. My motto? I have two in total. Quite hackneyed, but they talk to me. „To travel is to live” by Hans Christian Andersen and „Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page” St. Augustine.

My favorite means of transport are planes allowing to save a lot of time and giving great freedom and the car.

My grandma has infected me with passion, thanks to her I have been visiting the world since I can remember. It started with school trips, later it was our sea and various other corners of Poland. Then trips organized by church groups came to this. Thanks to such „pilgrimages” I managed to see a piece of Europe – I visited Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina … Currently, on the list I have visited over 40 countries on 3 continents. I have the greatest sentiment for Iceland, which charmed me like no other country, and it is the land of ice and fire that I devote the most space on the site.

I have mastered the art of searching for cheap flights and hotels to perfection. In contrast, the art of describing experienced adventures I’m still trying to improve. I hope you will find inspiration here to get your own travel experience!

If you have any questions, please contact me: kontakt@podrozowisko.pl

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