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Podróżowisko is a place where I try to show that even with a limited holidays available to a full-time employee, you can visit a piece of this beautiful and diverse world. It is also a place where I try to include as much practical information as possible to help all those who try their hand at traveling independently.

I travel on my own, but I do not disqualify organized trips. Choosing the directions of subsequent trips, I prefer warm destinations, but the exception to this rule is Iceland – the country to which I gladly return. I travel with my husband, mainly in Europe and Asia, organizing flights alone and usually renting a car on site. In my travels, I value freedom, the opportunity to learn about new places and people, trying local dishes – shortly gaining new experiences. Apart from trips, I am interested in photography and insectivorous plants that can be found in various regions of the world (even in the aforementioned Iceland). In contact with readers, I value reliability and truth – I describe what I have actually experienced.

Podróżowisko has been in existence since June 22, 2014. My adventures are followed by 9504 people on Facebook and 1359 on Instagram.

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The most numerous age group of visitors are 25-34 year olds – 43,11%, the second group is 35-44 year olds constituting 18,19% of the total.
The group of visitors to the website is dominated by women – they constitute 59,80% of all people

What are the possible forms of cooperation?

  • Sponsored trips
    • offers of travel agencies and various carriers
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  • Service or product review (equipment + travel clothing)
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    • review of the hotel / guest house
    • other
  • Photo equipment tests
  • Photos of the product, region, attractions, etc.
  • Competitions

What can you count on?

  • Individual approach
  • Reaching readers of the blog through the website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Text-on-page and Facebook fanpage with copyrighted photos
  • Product placement in pictures and text

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